Yorkie Mix Puppy Left In A Frozen Box – Watch What Happened Next!

yorkie mix

Another jaw dropping dog rescue video that you must watch guys! This yorkie mix puppy named Star was left to die in a dark frozen box. But that is not all! A rubber band was tied around her snout very tightly to keep her from crying out.

yorkie mix in a cardboard box

Thank God, a hero named Shawna found her! When Shawna rushed this poor yorkie mix to Animal Advocates located in British Columbia, they immediately assessed the dog and realized that her snout was badly damaged.

But with proper care, love and by showing how important she is in this world, she was able to move on from her abusive past. 🙂 Her transformation is so amazing it may move you to tears.

This was truly an amazing dog rescue! I’m so glad this little yorkie mix got the love and care she deserved! Please share this with your friends and family!

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