There’s Nothing Like A Puppy Except Drunk Girls With Puppies!

It must have happened after hours when BuzzFeed Company provided some very strong cocktails to a group of female employees and then gave them a handful of puppies!

Their reaction is priceless and hysterical.  One gal even breaks down sobbing, she is so overcome with love and joy.

One young woman professes that her parents said, “The dogs were on purpose.  You were a mistake!”  Nothing like a shot of whiskey to make you recall that conversation!

Screaming with delight, the girls can’t wait to gobble up the adorable little fur balls in their arms!   “I love puppies!”  one gal giggles.  Then the tears start flowing.  It is just too much love in one spot.

“Look at you!  You smell so good!  I’m gonna cry!”  and cry they do.  This is just too much fun for these lucky ladies.  “If you want a friend for life, just get a dog.”  exclaims one girl truthfully and sincerely.

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