Puppy Lets Mom Know EXACTLY Who His Best Friend Is!

best friend dog

Even though dogs can’t talk – they can definitely still communicate. And they can also form strong friendships with other animals just like humans do with other humans! This puppy knows exactly who his best friend is!

Best friends are our true soul mates. They get into trouble with us. They laugh the hardest with us. And they’re our shoulder to lean and cry on. This statement doesn’t only apply to humans but to dogs too.

If you have a multiple animal household – you know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m sure you’ve witnessed your animals forming an unbreakable best friend bond. It’s an absolute joy to witness and of course very entertaining.

Sometimes it’s not always a joy for you as the owner though – coming home to a complete disaster from your two dogs (or more!) getting into something they shouldn’t have. But in the end their cuteness always helps you get over it.

The owner of these two beautiful Newfoundland puppies asks one of them, named Boomer, who his best friend is. The reaction is absolutely priceless. He points out exactly who his best buddy is!