Poor Pup Was Found Tied To A Stop Sign With A Bag Of Food And A Heartbreaking Note

The beautiful dog was tied up to a stop sign as the girls were out for a walk. When they approached the dog, their hearts sank when they read a note that accompanied the stray dog.

It was apparent the the dog’s previous owner could no longer care for the poor pup. Whoever they were tied the dog up to the stop sign and thought it was kind enough to leave a bag of dog food next to them.

As a dog lover, this probably makes you very livid. I know that’s how it makes me feel. And when it comes to the note? It only had five words.

“Please take care of me.”

Tania owns a dog walking business in Houston, where the event took place; she has been particularly heartbroken by what she and her friend had come across.

poor pup

They weren’t sure how long the American Bulldog had been out there but he was lucky to survive the heat.

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