Poor Pup Was Found Tied To A Stop Sign With A Bag Of Food And A Heartbreaking Note

There are millions of unwanted and stray dogs in the world; the numbers are truly staggering. Often, there are people who have dogs they can’t care for. Or their dog might have puppies and now they’re left with too much on their plate. The poor pup in this story is one of those dogs.

Even though there are humane and morally sound ways to adopt out a dog you can’t take care of — people still choose to completely abandon them in cruel ways.

Maybe those people are embarrassed to take them to a shelter, perhaps they feel like they might be judged. Or maybe those people just aren’t aware of any other option that is available to them.

Whatever the reason, it’s devastating to the poor pup that is being abandoned.

Two women named Tania and Tracalyn were out for a normal walk recently and came across a stray dog. Not only did they find a dog — but there was a note that was with him, and it completely shattered their hearts.

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