Pack Of 8 Dogs Have A Potbellied Pig As An Unlikely Sibling

As Richard Bach once said, The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.” And that is especially the case in this family made of a human dad, eight dogs and a potbellied pig named Bikini! Family comes in all shapes and sizes, and this bunch from Denver , Colorado is a little too literal in that sense.

The coming together of this family is thanks to Steve’s passion in adoption. All of the animals in the house are not only adopted, but are mostly seniors too!

Enoch is five years old, Eeyore is thirteen year, Loretta is twelve, Englebert is eight year, Edna is twelve, Hercules is seventeen, Madeline is seventeen, Phyllis is eleven and Bikini the pig is the youngest in the bunch at only four years old.
“You’re looking at a collective age of 99 years among all these guys. They are all healthy, happy and full of life. I try very hard not to take that for granted.”

Even if Steve is not around, he is confident that his nine babies will be just fine since they have each other. They truly consider each other family, even cuddling up in a bed by the fireplace when it’s 1 degree below zero in Denver.

Steve the human dad records the daily activities and happenings in the house, and Bikini, though not a dog, feels like she’s just one of the pack. According to Steve, there’s always a pair of eyes looking up at him whenever he walks into the room.

Steve also claims that nothing ever surprises him in the house anymore. He once opened a closet and found a dog inside. And with nine animals in the house, Steve’s lap is always fully occupied whenever he sits down.

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