Owner Surfing With His Dogs Is How He Bonds With Them – You HAVE To See It To Believe it!!

Growing up my brother and I did everything with our family dog. She followed us all over the neighborhood, through the woods and on every adventure we ever had.

She was so brave and loyal that she even followed us across a really rickety bridge one time. Truth be told we probably shouldn’t have been on it anyway but she still followed.

It was a great time to bond with her and she became our best friend and partner in crime. She loved to run in the fields behind our house just as much as we did and it was a favorite time for all.

We tried to get her to climb a steep ramp up to our fort that we built out of sticks and leaves but even she was too smart for that. I know my dog was really cool and brave but I have also seen dogs do some incredible things to bond with their owners.

A woman I know kayaks with her dog on the front, and now a pro-surfer named Chris de Aboitiz has taught his 4 legged friends how to surf. Continue to the next page to WATCH these amazing dogs in action!