Wrinkly Bulldog “Helps” His Owner Mow The Lawn In The Cutest Way!

When you own a dog it comes with a lot of responsibility. They need food, they need love and they need constant attention. They can become quite expensive to take care of! But of course they can’t contribute monetarily. This Bulldog wants to help contribute!

Of course some dogs do have jobs – like being a service dog or hunting helper. They’re able to help their owners and other people out in so many ways. They’re quite brilliant creatures actually.

This English Bulldog you’re about to see is named Gerald. And Gerald is a wrinkly stout Bulldog that is too cute for words. And he might not be a service dog or a hunter – but he does want to help around the house! Well…sort of.

The Bulldog breed is known for being gregarious, friendly and willful. Gerald is a perfect example of all of those traits. He always wants to be by his owner and his willingness to help with the lawn mowing is proven in the video on the next page!

You’ll absolutely swoon over the cuteness that Gerald displays here. He wants to join in on whatever his owner is doing – it truly doesn’t matter what that is! Continue to the next page to watch the adorable-ness ensue.