Going Fishing With Dog Broke The Internet! No Red Lobster For This Family Tonight!

fishing with dog

What I need is to go fishing with dog by my side because my fishing aptitudes brake fast on the inordinately stocked river known as Red Lobster. I’ll tug on my Converse, doll out my jacket and get my rod ready for some fine catch and never released.

I’m a master at baiting just the right menu item, of reeling in the perfect Margarita and of navigating through those dark waters of winking to the fine latina waitress.

My alacrity does falter whenever that mako shark, known as the bill, makes his appearance, but with some quick snap of my credit card I’ll toss that problem into the backburner known as crippling debt.

fishing with dog

Off into the sunset I’ll blaze. A satisfied grin, a well oiled and perfectly buttered Maine barnacle in my belly and, if my aim was true, perhaps that saucy chica’s digits.

A true trawler of that urban ocean known as downtown Kansas. That’s basically all my experience as far as angling is concerned. If it doesn’t come in a fish tank with tiny rubber bands, than it might as well be some mythic beast, like bigfoot, for all the good it will do me.

See The Family That Goes Fishing With Dog Below

Now, watch the video below and truly marvel at a genuine clam digger. A Rambo like rodman that might as well give classes to survival specialist. Just the patience alone would make anyone fall asleep of boredom. But this dog isn’t just watching, Rani is waiting for the perfect moment to show off his amazing reflexes!

That’s not even the biggest fish Ranie has caught! Click the image below to see fishing with dog video:

fishing with dog - catfish

Rani, this amazing piscator dog, is nothing short of emasculating for somebody whose second oceanic option for trap and release is the frozen aisle at his local Publix.

See more of Rani’s antics here: Rani’s Youtube Channel