Air Canada Pilot Turns Airplane Around. The Reason Will Touch Your Heart!

A French Bulldog named Simba wouldn’t be alive right now if it were not for the compassion of an Air Canada pilot who turned an entire plane around and made an emergency landing in order to save his life. What an unbelievable tale!

The cargo hold pressure of said Air Canada flight from Tel Aviv to Toronto was failing and while it wouldn’t have affected the passenger in the cabin, temperature of the cargo area can go down as low as below zero, killing animals onboard the hold.

But letting non-human life forms freeze to death is totally unacceptable for the flight pilot, who happens to be a dog lover himself. That’s when he did the unthinkable–he turned the flight around and made an emergency landing in Frankfurt, Germany.

“The pilot is responsible for all lives on board whether it be human life or even canine life,” aviation expert Phyl Durby told Canada’s City News.

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