Super-Sized Pit Bull And Toddler Are Best Friends!

Taught to be totally fearless, the breeders show a mock carjacking where Hulk leaps through a car window and attacks the carjacker with ruthlessness.   “He knows no fear.”  explains Grennan.  “The level of care we give these dogs is intense.  We live and breathe these dogs every day.”

Grennan understands who his clientele is.  “I have clients that live all over the world in very dangerous places.  They live in Granada, Africa.

”Places with a lot of crime and horrible conditions.  My dogs provide them a level of safety they deserve.  I live in CandyLand.  There’s no fear and crime here.   The dogs are calm.”



But these dogs are free by any means.  One of Hulks sons’ is selling for close to $30,000.

But Grennan says he will never sell Hulk.  He’s just too great a dog.   He’s the biggest, youngest and best looking of all his giant Pit Bulls.  “They are an elite breed sought after for their dynamic temperament – fierce and gentle.”