Super-Sized Pit Bull And Toddler Are Best Friends!

At a 150-acre farm in New Hampshire, USA a family raises these massive Pit Bulls for billionaires, high-profile celebrities, law enforcement and federal agencies all over the world.  However, their family Pit Bull and stud is a 175 giant named “The Hulk” who lets their toddler ride “horsey” on his back.

“He could snap your arm like a toothpick.” claims breeder Marlon Grennan.  “Hulk is easily one of the top 3 biggest Pit Bulls in the world.”

But his wife and co-partner in Dark Dynasty K9s International said, “but a Pit Bull is just a dog.  It all depends on how you raise them.”

And these dogs are trained at the highest level anywhere.  They are trained under the most extreme conditions imaginable.  This elite breed is used to grown men coming at them in all types of dangerous situations often armed.

They can climb walls and leap through car windows.  A small child running around or screaming is not the type of distraction that would phase them.   They are fierce when told to be and gentle the rest of the time.


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