Dog Moms – Are You the Cause of Your Dogs Bad Behavior?

Do you treat your dog like your very own child? Does your dog get daily treats, take over your bed or steal your time? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions you may be a dog mom. The term dog mom refers to dog owners which make an emotional attachment similar to that of a mother and child.

In fact, Massachusetts General Hospital conducted a study showing that the same portions of the brain which are stimulated between mother and child are the same as between dog and own

The question is, is this a healthy connection or are dog owners causing harm to their dogs?

Treating your dog like he was your child does in fact cause behavioral problems. Separation anxiety, fearfulness, constant need for attention, excessive licking, excessive barking and even forms of aggression can be linked to the owner.

Dogs which suffer from separation anxiety receive constant attention from their owners feel abandoned when they leave, creating high stress levels and household destruction.

The dog feels as though he must receive all the owners’ attention, setting himself dominant from the owner. This behavior is then punished and a vicious cycle will continue for years.

Dog moms can even trigger sudden aggression in their dogs. A dog which is treated like a child will see his owner as only his and any other person approaching them as a threat. Dogs which try to bite, chase or bark at every person that comes near their owner is a victim of dog mom related aggression.