72-Year-Old Man Couldn’t Afford To Take His Dogs Home. What He Did Next Made Me Cry.

A man in the Philippines chose to walk hundreds of miles than to leave his ten dogs behind. Famously called “Journey Max” by people on the internet, the poor man does not have enough money to take public transport with his dogs so he decided to go back home by foot.

Journey Max ventured into General Santos City located the southern part of the Philippines when he was only in his 20s. Now, he’s 72 years old and is dying to reconnect with the family in Leyte situated in Central Visayas who he hasn’t seen in decades.

But the problem is that Journey Max has a family of 10 dogs and can’t just leave them behind.

Desperate to go back home with his dogs, he chose to walk with them while pushing a massive cart full of their belongings. But the journey did take it’s toll. Four of the man’s dogs died on their journey.

Touched by the story of Journey Max, people started offering food and water to him and his dogs along the way. Know how the story ends in the next page!