7 Incredible Values That Dogs Teach People During Their Lifetime

I’ve loved dogs for as long as I can remember. There’s nothing more enjoyable than our four-legged friends’ fun and playful side, and nothing more soothing than their silent companionship.

When my mom used to scold me as a kid, my first instinct was to run to my dog, give him a hug and talk to him about how I feel for an hour or so. I felt a connection with him and I believed with all my heart that he understood me one way or another.

I can see love in sparkly dog eyes. He was my playmate and confidante, but most of all, he was my best friend.

My dog passed away when I was 9. It was my first heartbreak.

Even if our dogs pass on much earlier than we do, the pain brought by their passing cannot even out the love and joy that they bring into our lives. Through the course of their short stay, they teach us some of life’s greatest lessons that we wouldn’t trade for anything.

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